Some Ideas on Russell Brunson Clickfunnels You Need To Know

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels Things To Know Before You Buy

Some Ideas on Russell Brunson Clickfunnels You Need To Know

That part of the vision has been done. However what we weren’t really thinking about initially was what takes place when everything grows and starts scaling, right? I keep in mind Todd informed me, “We need to be able to deal with 10,000 active members with no flaws or hiccups.” Little did we understand that our preliminary goal was 10, 000 people the first week, which didn’t happen.

Nearly like clockwork, these strange little things began happening. I’m not a tech man. So, I didn’t have an opportunity to be behind the scenes. However I had a possibility to be the front as some of these little missteps and headaches started creeping into the software application. Thankfully we had found a beginner who’s now among our partners.

He can be found in and become our CTO and has actually developed a fantastic dev team behind us. As we were growing, suddenly that started happening and we resembled, “Why are these little things taking place?” Little issues that began happening. They started taking a look at it like, “We’re growing out of the database servers we’re using.” We’re growing out of all these things that began taking place as this development began occurring way much faster than we expected.

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That was sort of the next difficulty we ran into as a company a little over a year in. Andrew: You did have a problem with your database. You flew out to London and you unexpectedly– was it when you landed that you saw the problem? Russell: Yeah. So, I was taking my family and we were flying to London to talk to a bunch of entrepreneurs out there about Click Funnels.

I brought my wife and my kids, amazing experience. We land. You do not have internet at first. I quick to try to make certain whatever is great. I started seeing messages on Facebook and Skype and whatever blowing up that we’re done, like, “What does that mean?” We’re racing to the hotel attempting to act.

We were trying to move over to Amazon’s Aurora, I think it’s called, their high-end database servers. This company handcuffed us like, “No, we will not let you leave. If you do leave, you’re going to be down for a day to two to be able to migrate everything over.” Then all of an unexpected the databases and the backups all simply crashed.

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It wound up taking three weeks before this database server had been restructured. We would have been down for 3 weeks. Luckily our CTO and Dylan, these men are geniuses. They saw that. They went to Amazon Aurora servers and restore the whole database structure, migrated everything over. We were down I believe for about six and a half hour approximately.

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Everybody is freaking out. Click Funnels is down. My sites are down. I’m losing money. Everyone is losing money. Everybody wants to kill us. I was just like, ‘What do you do?” As the leader in this situation, do you try to overlook it? Do you blow it off? This is my very first time as a genuine CEO.

All I keep in mind is how pissed I was and I thought, “I’m going to let our community know how upset I am since I do not wish to try to conceal this and so I got my i Phone out and I’m sitting in the hotel room in London, I’m worn out.

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I just informed everybody that it was inappropriate. I was mad. Whatever was unacceptable. We were pissed. This was not alright that this occurred to us and to you men and everybody. I made this video. I published it in our Facebook group. We had at the time about 10,000 individuals in our Facebook group.

We’re sorry.” I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t understand if people were going to be mad at me or whatever. What was interesting was from that, we wound up getting 500-600 remarks of individuals saying, “We understand. We’re here to the long run. I do not care what happens.

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We’re with you men. We’re wishing you men.” Even Stripe who’s our merchant company, they sent us this substantial present basket in the mail, like, “We’re here. We wish to make sure you men …” All this stuff, it was like this actually unusual rallying of our community that everyone came together and like supported us.

The Best Strategy To Use For Russell Brunson Clickfunnels

The Best Strategy To Use For Russell Brunson Clickfunnels

All these little missteps we had been having more than the last two or 3 months– we learnt later on it was since of the database server. We moved it over, it was done. All the problems were gone. Stability was best. We were taking a look at our log like, “If we’re down 6 hours, people are going to leave.” I can’t inform you how demanding it was.

Our cancellations during that time did not dip at all. It was just this thing where our neighborhood enjoyed us and what we’re doing so much, so they stated, “We lag you.” It was just this really cool experience where I feel like we moved from like a company to a neighborhood.

Ever since then, it’s been cool. However it was absolutely a very scary, really painful day. Andrew: Considering how you need to get your organisation back up and keeping up a crisis like that, how you have to do all your webinars, how you have to figure out the vision of the company, are you still likewise doing the other programs? I’m taking a look at my notes here from someone in my neighborhood who stated that you have actually got some sort of program teaching individuals how to utilize Connected In and Facebook to drive traffic.

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We have a high-end, I call it my inner circle. It’s $25,000. We have 100 people because. We do high-end training with these people. Then we have lower-tier programs teaching individuals basically funnel building, how to direct traffic. So, we’re doing coaching, however it’s all connected back to the funnels.

We do teach traffic. Andrew: Is that you personally doing it? Russell: Some of it is. Some things aren’t my capability. I’m not personally proficient at Facebook ads, however John on my team runs all of our Facebook advertisements. So, he trains our neighborhood mentor Facebook. Andrew: I see.