The Only Guide to Russell Brunson Clickfunnels

The Only Guide to Russell Brunson Clickfunnels

like, “I’m going to alter the world with this product.” Like, this is an excellent thing. I’m like, “This is what you need. You need a landing page. You require a sales page. You need a shopping cart …” Their eyes glaze over. Andrew: You know where I had that concern? Russell: Where’s that? Andrew: Noah Kagan– do you understand him? Russell: I have actually never fulfilled him, however I understand who he is.

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I was one of the individuals who welcomed out. He said, “Andrew, come out for a night. We can interact with the group of people here. We can go out and have intriguing dinner. It was such a good time. After we enjoyed that night, the next day I said, “Let me help you men.

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” Get a domain and let’s develop a landing page, now let’s create a Mail Chimp account.” Guy, those 3 things, we’re not talking anything extremely clever, just fundamental, basic things took forever. I realized that the things that I do sort of automatically it’s difficult to describe to someone. Like how do you go get an API from Mail Chimp to get the landing page software? How do you discuss where that is, even? Even Mail Chimp, starting up with it, which is a really excellent user-friendly software was just a great deal of difficulty.

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That’s the issue that you stated we can solve this. Did you say we can solve it for ourselves first so we do not need to go through this or did you say, “We’re going to resolve it for ourselves and eventually start a company around this?” Russell: So, it was a bit of both.

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He resides in Atlanta and we’re in Boise. So, he would fly out as soon as a quarter and we ‘d brainstorm like how we were going to try to take over the world, right? So, among the trips out there, we began talking. It wanted we introduced the supplement and it was running and really successful and we’re like, “That took a long time.